The Days Were Long, But the Summer Was Short

Long time, no see, Hot Breakfast friends!

Hope you had a great summer. As you may or may not have noticed, I took a nice long blogging break. If I had to sum up my summer, I’d make a play on that well-known phrase and say

“Some days were long, but the summer was short.”


The summer went like this:

  • Swim team!
  • Church camp!
  • A week at the beach with Chicago friends!
  • A gorgeous new nephew (welcome, Milo)!
  • A trip to Asheville for my dad’s 80th birthday!
  • Lego Camp!
  • Minions! Minions! Minions!
  • A 10-day, Planes, Trains and Automobiles Midwest Adventure to Monga’s House! The Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin! Chicago!
  • Birthday parties! Friday night kegs at the pool! Running the Bull Moon 5k! Bulls baseball games and fireworks!

kalahari noah swim milo

I mean, really, overall, we did tons of fun things.

The days, however, felt more like this:

8:30 a.m. Are you guys all done with your breakfast? Because if you are, you need to put your bowls in the sink. Guys? Bowls. In the sink. Now. Rory, wait, hand me that milk, wait, you can’t reach that…okay, it’s okay, just come get a paper towel and go get some new clothes. Actually, while you have your clothes off, do you need to go potty?

9:55 a.m. Ok, guys, when this show is over we are going outside. Yes, outside. It’s only going to get hotter so we’d better do it now. Ok, that’s the end of the show. Turn it off. Turn it OFF. Guys, if you don’t turn it off now, there will be no more TV for today so turn it off and go find your shoes.

10:30 a.m. Okay, seriously, guys, get your shoes on.

12 p.m. Guys, if you’re done with your lunch, plates in the sink. In the sink. Guys, in the sink.

1:00 p.m. Noah, if you can’t share that with your brother, then neither of you will be able to play with it. Hey, hey, screaming at him will not help. Stop yelling. Stop Yelling. STOP YELLING! Get back, do not touch him. DO NOT TOUCH HIM! Okay, Noah, upstairs in your room. I said upstairs. Now! I will tell you when you can come out. And if you keep screaming like that I will just add more time so you’d better get in there now.

1:30 p.m. Fine, you can watch a movie. But Rory, you have to go to the bathroom first. Rory! Come on, just go, then it’s done with. Come on, Rory. Just real quick. Try at least. Just try, that’s all you have to do. No, no Despicable Me. We’ve had enough Minions for one day. Okay, Rory, come on.


1:45 p.m. Ooohh, Rory. Okay, it’s fine, just put your shorts and underwear in the sink and go get some new ones. Come on, it’s fine, but this is why you should really go when I ask you to go. Just take your pants off, I need to do laundry anyway.

3:00 p.m. Come on, let’s go to the pool. Get your swimsuits, guys. Get ’em. Okay, do you want to go to the pool or not? Yes, you can have a little snack but I’m also taking snacks to the pool. Okay, you don’t need another yogurt. That’s too many yogurts for today. Why don’t you have a peach. Who wants a peach? Okay fine, you can have some cheese with it, too, but seriously, guys, let’s get moving here.

3:15 p.m. Rory, why don’t you try going to the potty one more time before we go? Come on, then we don’t have to worry about going at the pool. Right? Why don’t you try? Just try?

3:30 p.m. Noah, where are your shoes? You just had them on! Why are they over there? Noah, come on! Put that down. We do not need to be playing with that now we are going to the pool. Rory, TV off! Guys, are we going to the pool or not?

5:15 p.m. Ok, guys, get in the car. In the car. Rory, no, don’t put that in your mouth. Rory, gross! Noah, seatbelt on, come on! Yep, we’ll leave in a second, I’m just texting your dad. HOME BY 5:30???

5:35 p.m. Hold on, I’m just texting your dad again. ETA??? Rory, you need to keep your Big Wheel on the driveway. Rory, I said not off the driveway! Rory, I’m counting to three! Noah, fine, just go inside and get your swimsuit off. RORY!

5:50 p.m. Ok, guys, just put on a show so I can get dinner started. No, not Netflix, just whatever is on TV. Noah, you can watch a Rescue Bots later. Rory, do you need to use the bathroom? Rory, if you’re going to do that, just put a Pull-up on at least. Come on, Rory. Oh, come on!

6:00 p.m. No, it does not smell funny, it smells good, and we are going to eat it as soon as your dad gets home which hopefully is very soon. DUDE, SERIOUSLY??????

Et cetera. Was that exhausting to you? It was to me. Gah, I’m so sick of the sound of my own voice!

But now we’re back! Noah’s had two good weeks in first grade, and Rory had his first full morning of preschool today. And I have lots of summer memories to enjoy from my quiet, temporarily clean house.