Wordless Wednesday: Us – We’re Just Like Stars!

old havanna

I took this picture on our way back to the car after church and brunch at Old Havana last Sunday. I thought these guys looked so cute (all in plaid shirts and gray sneakers; I guess it’s bound to happen when they all have the same stylist).

Later, when I looked at the picture (and this probably speaks volumes of my lameness), I thought “Oh, that looks like something you’d see of, like, Brad Pitt with two of his 25 kids in the ‘Stars, They’re Just Like Us!’ feature of Us Weekly.”

“Stars: they jaywalk after brunch!” All that’s missing is a jaunty straw fedora or two.

Did I mention I hate Us Weekly? Don’t get me wrong; I like celebrity gossip as much as the next guy; I’m just more of a People person.

Also, if I were going to be married to a hunky celebrity (rather than a dorky and/or creepy celebrity, which is much more my speed), it wouldn’t be Brad. It would be nice guy Ben or toothsome Matt. Or, you know, teetering-on-the-edge-of-too-old but-still-super-dreamy George.

But these dudes are pretty great, too. The stars of my favorite reality show, the one that drives me crazy and has me yelling “You have to be kidding me!” almost daily,  but I still can’t get enough of. My stars. Even without the fedoras.