Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day

My quest last weekend for a picture of my mom and me opened my eyes to my mom’s sometimes invisible role in my childhood. It also reminded me that these days, I’m the woman behind the camera.

Yes, I love taking pictures. And there are plenty of times I’m glad not to be the subject (somehow, Pat seems most likely to grab the camera when I’m in my robe, sitting on the floor, trying to extract a toy from its packaging). But on Mother’s Day, right before we headed out to dinner with Pat’s parents (later to be known as “the last time we take Rory to a nice restaurant”), I handed him the camera.

“Take some pictures of the kids and me,” I told him.

The results were mixed, with a lot of blurry images. After all, it’s hard to photograph a hurricane. But he got some good ones, including my all time favorite picture of Noah and me.

Funny faces:


I imagine I’m saying, “Rory, come sit down,” but I prefer to believe Rory is preaching and I am shouting “testify!”


Rory begins his escape:


My sweet boy:


After my last post, my blogger friend Allie reminded me of an article from a couple years ago called “The Mom Stays in the Picture.”  Rory was a newborn at the time; I was feeling pretty unworthy of being photographed and doing my best to stay behind the camera. This article really resonated with me and reminded me how important it is to record memories with my kids.

And that means all memories. Because while, sure, the pictures in which I’m wearing make-up are the ones I’ll share on the Internet, those early-morning robe shots might someday be meaningful, too.