Wordless Wednesday: Last Day of Preschool Blues

It seems impossible, but today was the last day of school for both boys.

Rory’s teachers all but gave him a “Most Improved” ribbon. As you might remember, his school year got off to a rocky start, what with the flopping and the crying and the calls to take him home. (I can’t believe how little he looks in those pictures!) I thought we might have to pull him out of school all together. Today, his teachers showed me videos of him dancing to “Hot Potato” and screaming in delight at a butterfly release. They marveled at his ladder-climbing skills and non-stop chatter and the adorable way he says “Sure.”


But more significantly, today was the final day of preschool for Noah. The last day in the safe, warm cocoon of circle time and snack time where he’s spent the last two years. In three months, it’s off to kindergarden and riding the bus, eating lunch in the cafeteria and, in my worried imagination when I’m awake at 3 a.m., joining a gang of very small thugs.


My one saving grace? Rory has as many as three years left at this preschool, so there will be many more first days and holiday sing-alongs and field trips to the fire station.

Even still, I was pretty sentimental today, and I took a lot of pictures. Here are a few.

Last day of school outfits:


“Noah, smile!”

“I am smiling.”



That’s more like it:


Every day Rory had school, Noah went in ahead of him and announced “Rory’s here!”


Rory had no interest in leaving his classroom:



Especially the train table:


Noah and one of his amazing teachers, Gail, who is now the director of the school:


Hugs all around:




And one for Dad:


I’ll admit it, I cried a little, and not just because today marks the end of my six hours of freedom each week.

Thank God I have three months to toughen myself up before Noah heads to kindergarten. Surely, by then, him joining a kinder-gang of hooligans will be a price I’ll be willing to pay for a few hours of peace and quiet.

But until then, I’m going to do my best to enjoy the time I have this summer with my still-little boys.