Wordless Wendesday: Rainy Day Tantrums #12 & 35

Guys, I ‘ve had so much I wanted to write about lately. But between trying out new “clean” recipes, exercising for my April resolution and, most importantly, watching season 3 of Game of Thrones, the free time that I usually use for writing is being gobbled up like the chocolate croissant I got at Guglhupf this morning. (Hey, this clean eating thing is not sustainable without a cheat here and there.)

I guess my next resolution will be to neglect my kids just a liiitttle bit more so I can get some writing done.

Today, I’m going to let two pictures do the talking. They may lead you to believe I’ve been doing a fine job of neglecting my kids already.

rainydaytantrumI wouldn’t let him go into the neighbor’s backyard.

rorymadfaceI did not let him “Push buttons!” on my camera.