Mama wants cookies Wednesday: Peanut Butter Sandwich Chippers

We made cookies today. I was craving chocolate (SOMEBODY, and it may have been me, left an empty Valentine’s Day fun sized bag of M&Ms in the cabinet, which was a cruel tease in a desperate moment).

I also really needed something to do with Noah during Rory’s nap on our third consecutive rainy day.

My plan was chocolate chip cookies. It’s a classic, possibly my all-time favorite. Unfortunately, we were almost out of butter. I’ve been poking around Pinterest more, so I tried to find a recipe that didn’t require butter. I found one that hooked me with the words “ooey gooey” in the title, only to discover my bottle of vanilla – a primary ingredient – was down to the dregs.

I found a frozen pack of Pillsbury “Simply” Peanut Butter Cookie dough in my freezer. I was still hung up on chocolate (and depleting my reserves of semi-sweet chocolate chips with each passing moment) so I poked around the Internet for something I could do with the dough and chocolate chips.

noah cookies

We ended up making these Peanut Butter Sandwich Chippers. They were…pretty good. It was one of the rare things I’ve baked that probably looked more exciting than it tasted. It was sort of like a Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich (sorry if these have a fancy new name I can’t remember.) Or maybe they were great, but they just weren’t what I wanted: chocolate. But I’ll see you very soon, Double-Chocolate Dream Cookies. 


Anyway, it didn’t matter to this kid. They were cookies.


Oh, and while he waited for them to bake, Noah discovered the joy of Photo Booth. Which meant that later I discovered a whole series of hilarious pictures.


Have the world’s best cookie recipe? You know where to send it. Or chocolate in any form, really. 

And I’m trying to use Pinterest to organize my thoughts, so pin something at me. Or whatever.