Friday photos: Rory, 20 months

Yesterday, I took Rory to the library for story time. It was our second visit in one week. (This is what happens when you give up shopping for the month.)

While we stayed for the full 30 minutes, Rory did not listen to the stories. He did not sing along with “Where is Thumbkin” or “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Instead, he spent story time doing the following: slowly backing into the laps of strangers, laying/rolling precariously close to the emergency exit door at the back of the room, sticking his fingers into cable outlets, weaving through the tightly-packed crowd of two-year-olds like a drunk person, sticking his fingers into my eyes.

After story time, another mom commented, “That is one funny guy. He really does his own thing.”

Yes. My Rory. He’s nothing if not his own person. Her comment reminded me that I spend a lot of time here talking about Rory as mess-maker, face-planter and exploding diaper-wearer. You’ve heard about his screeching and his tantrums.

Rory glasses

But I probably don’t spend enough time chronicling good, funny, sweet Rory. Those memories and moments that a year or two from now I’ll look back on and not even be able to believe that it was the same child who by then will be talking in sentences, sleeping in a bed and riding a bike.

I was pretty good at keeping a baby book for Noah – recording his milestones each month until he turned one, then writing him long, detailed letters about his quirks and accomplishments every few months after that. With Rory….I don’t think I even bothered to make a note when he finally started to walk (15 months) or first said “Mommy” (uhhh…no idea).

So for my own future reference, here are the things I want to remember about Rory at 20 1/2 months.

1) The way he says the words “sunshine,” “fruit cup” and “cheerio.”

rory cheerio

2) How, when holiday decorations were up, he said “Hi Tigger” every night and morning to the inflatable character on the lawn across the street; the inflatable is now gone, but “Hi Tigger” remains a morning and nighttime greeting to the world.

3) These things make him laugh hysterically: the “pop” noise I make with my lips, the word “boing,” the yawning part of “Shake Your Sillies Out” (you may be unfamiliar with the last one if you don’t spend 6 hours a day listening to Toddler Radio on Pandora).

4) The the way he hands me his top two lovies – Ellie the Elephant and Lil’ Snuffles (a polar bear?) to kiss when I get him out of his crib.

Rory ellie 2

5) His obsession with sitting on the laps of/being picked up by/getting hugs from perfect strangers. This one also makes me a little nervous.

6) The way he says “hallo?” (with a not quite distinguishable European accent) into any vaguely phone-shaped item.

7) His favorite “outside” game right now: sitting in the car. The moment we walk out of the house, he’s demanding “car, car.” If I agree, and sit him in his carseat, he insists “door, door,” until I shut the door and just let him sit there in peace.

8) His obsession with dress up – no kid loves wearing a top hat, sunglasses or safety goggles as much as this guy.

Rory hat

9) How he reaches for Noah’s hands any time we’re dancing – whether to the book “Barnyard Dance” or to “Roar.” (He also sings “Roar” on cue.)

10) The way his body tenses up when he anticipates certain phrases that he knows in books. For example, in this Elmo in Space book, he gets crazy excited to yell “Uh oh!” about Elmo forgetting his space suit.

Rory elmo

11) His unnerving ability to plug in the vacuum cleaner, turn on the TV and open pretty much any door, cabinet or drawer – child-proofed or not – in the house.

Rory vacuum

12) His obsession with putting things in his mouth that he shouldn’t – my toothbrush, sidewalk chalk, food off the floor – and then laughing maniacally when someone says “icky, icky.”

The list could go on. But at least for now, that’s Rory. Love you, Roo.

Rory wall