Ten Tantrums: a retrospective

Those of you connected with me on Twitter or Instagram may be familiar with a series of photos I’ve been posting this fall.  It began with a picture of Rory mid-flail and went from there. I called it #autumntantrum.


We’re in the back yard, not the front yard.

The series includes ten tantrums. That does not mean there were only ten tantrums the entire fall. Oh, not even close. There were plenty of standing, sitting and kneeling tantrums, too. Some running and rolling ones that were hard to catch on film (or, I should clarify, with my iPhone, with which all of these were taken). But the “rules” I set for myself included that he had to be on the ground – and face up – for it to be an #autumntantrum.

Winter officially begins on Saturday, so I’ll have to retire the #autumntantrum name, at least for this year. And who knows, maybe next year at this time, Rory won’t even be throwing tantrums. (And maybe I will be named America’s Next Top Model by Miss Tyra Banks herself, right?)


Leaf dust.


But I want to walk down the middle of the street.




You changed my diaper.


There’s no mail in the mailbox.


You zipped my vest.


The ball is flat.


You took me out of the puddle.


You’re taking too long to get dressed.
Look familiar? Have a favorite?