Shame, sweat and tears (or, I am a Monti podcast)

Exciting news, guys!

I had planned on eventually writing a post recounting the story I told at The Monti’s “Shit Happens” show. But The Monti has saved me the trouble by making my story this week’s podcast!

I wish I had the photoshop skills to put my face on Kate Winslet’s body. But you’ll just have to use your imagination.

The story is about my brief and somewhat turbulent stint as Sam Mendes’ personal assistant, featuring lots of sweating, shame and Crime and Punishment references.

As I warned my mother, there is some cursing, so don’t listen to it in the car with your children unless you want them in detention at school tomorrow. Though, please, I’m sure they’ve already heard it from you when someone cut you off in traffic or they slammed the car door on your finger (right, Pat?).

Let me know what you think. Though, on second thought, if you think I sound like a total tool, you can keep it to yourself. I have enough issues as it is.